Key Details to Consider Before Bat-Proofing Your Property

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Important Facts/Considerations

  • Bats are protected by both State and Federal Law.
  • The only effective way to address a bat infestation issue is a process known as bat proofing or bat exclusion.
  • New Jersey law prohibits excluding bats during “Baby Season” from May 1st through August 1st.
  • Your home is perhaps your most valuable personal asset:
    • Know who you are dealing with when selecting a company to bat proof your home, and be sure you have a good understanding of the process they use, and the materials they will be affixing to your home. “Bug Companies” seldom have the experience and resources to do a quality job most often using wire mesh and expansion foam to close up gaps and spaces. Both materials are unsightly, and expansion foam can deform and distort siding, trim-board and other original building materials.
  • Bats are nocturnal and it is difficult for the average person to observe them entering and exiting your home. Because of this and the fact that most bats move between summer and winter roosts, it is important that you secure a minimum 2-year guarantee against the return of bats to your home.

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Beware of Brokers

It is our privilege to offer wildlife removal, exclusion, and damage repair services of the highest caliber throughout New Jersey. Unlike many wildlife control services advertised online, Wildlife Control Specialist, LLC is not a franchise. We are a small, local company providing customized and permanent solutions to homeowners and businesses.

When you research your options for wildlife control, please be aware that many companies advertising these services online are nothing more than brokers or booking agents. This is different from a directory site, which can be a helpful and reputable guide to locating services in your region. Broker sites, however, do not have a local presence and, instead, farm out leads to others who may or may not have the knowledge, experience and reputation represented on the website. This is similar to the concept of 1-800-Flowers, in which you place an order online, and an unknown florist in the area is booked to handle your arrangement. This system may be efficient and harmless for ordering a pretty bouquet, but having a dearth of information regarding wildlife control services can have some serious consequences.

Whether you choose our services or not, we want you to make an educated decision. Be sure to thoroughly check out the credentials and background of a wildlife control company, because brokers will often refer customers to pest control companies and exterminators—or even general contractors—who don’t have the appropriate expertise to solve your wildlife issues.

Other potential warning signs:

- Questionable Guarantee: Make sure you fully understand a company’s guarantee, and who is standing behind it. Many companies only offer a one-year guarantee, which does not provide sufficient time to ensure that you are bat free. We provide a two-year guarantee to all customers, and also offer an extended guarantee (for an additional fee).

- Sub-par Materials: Find out what materials a company will use to keep animals out of your living space. Are the materials sturdy enough to ensure a permanent barrier? What care will be taken to make certain the secured area remains aesthetically pleasing? Wildlife Control Specialist, LLC knows that your house is your most valuable asset, and takes a craftsman approach to exclusion and damage repair. We use only the most modern techniques and materials that don’t detract from the appearance and value of your home but will get the job done.