What Makes Wildlife Control Specialist, LLC Different

Wildlife Control Specialist, LLC

Questions – Concerns – Problem

We are always available to answer your questions, inspect your home to determine if you in fact have a bat problem, and if so provide you with a detailed proposal to resolve your issue.
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The Wildlife Control Specialist, LLC Difference

Our Approach

We take a “Craftsman’s Approach” to closing up your home. We use heavy-duty aluminum matched to the color of your home for the majority of the work we do. We use a contractor’s metal brake to custom cut, bend, and fabricate with a focus on ensuring that the final result is aesthetically pleasing and doesn’t distract from the value of your home.

Wildlife Control Specialist, LLC

Pest Control/Exterminating Company, and most Wildlife Control Operators

  • Lack the tools and equipment essential to performing quality damage repair.
  • Use wire cloth to close up holes. With this approach, they simply cut a piece of ¼ inch by ¼ inch wire cloth/screening and either staple it or secure it with screws over the opening. This approach:
    1. Is unsightly
    2. Doesn’t seal out the elements thereby allowing in moisture subjecting the underlying area to rot.
  • Equipment
    • We have our own self-propelled 40 foot articulated hydraulic lift which allows us the ability to take our time while performing 2nd and 3rd story work ensuring a quality result.
Wildlife Control Specialist, LLC
  • Recognition
    • We are recognized by Bat Conservation International
      http://www.batcon.org/ as Professional Excluders and subscribe to their Exclusion Guidelines.

Serving state of New Jersey.

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